About us

Our story

iSauna began in Tallinn, Estonia in 2013 because we saw that most sauna products in the market are overpriced and poor quality.

Since then we've had one powerful goal - to create the best sauna products in the world.

We believe that every person deserves high quality and reasonably priced sauna products. Something that you can always trust. That’s great to use and works every time.

Today, we’re one of the leading sauna brands and selling to 20+ countries around the world.


We only use the best materials we can possibly find. We care so deeply about the quality of everything we do. This is a constant process that we are focused on.


Ecological Footprint

We care about the environment and treat nature with deep respect. Our wood is procured from FSC certified forests.


Renewable energy

We use solar energy to assemble our products. By switching to clean energy, we can erase the majority of our carbon footprint.