BASIC+ sauna door

BASIC+ is our most popular sauna door.

BASIC+ sauna doors are equipped with high quality Abloy hinges. You may choose between different frame woods and glass colours to create the door, that suits best with your sauna.

Door sizes (dm):
7x19, 7x20, 7x21
8x19, 8x20, 8x21
9x19, 9x20, 9x21

Frame: pine, alder, aspen

Frame profile: 92mm

Glass: 8mm, tempered safety glass

Glass colour:
Bronze, Clear, Grey
Matted: bronze, clear, grey

Hinges: ABLOY bronze/grey (adjustable)

1)pine door knob
2)iSauna standard handle

Locking: roll-lock

Technical information can be found here